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Co-teaching and Language Assistants

Introduction: In this comprehensive online course, we’ll highlight the benefits of productive dialogue between co-teachers and working cooperatively to achieve positive pedagogical outcomes in the classroom. We’ll discuss ways to unlock the potential of a Language Assistant and evaluate a variety of co-teaching methods; developing objectives and strategies to maximise exposure to, and increase effective interaction in, the foreign language.

Objectives: Making the most of the Co-teaching model with Language assistants, learning to implement  cooperative learning in a Co-teaching context, analysing the abilities and skills that make effective co-teachers and language assistants and implementing co-teaching strategies to maximise interaction in the foreign language. 

Requirements: B1 + English

Duration: 25 hours 

Price: €29.90

Start date: 1st March

Designed for: Pre-Primary and Primary teachers

Registration: Registration and payment through e-commerce

29,90 €
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